Pen and Panion Companion-App for Pen and Paper games.

There is already a wide variety of different apps for all types of Pen and Paper games. But none of them offer the functionality to combine all these features and many more in one app.

This is our goal. Combining various functions, data, and players in one place. Even over all types of Pen and Paper games. We are not limited to just one. You can also add a game you created for friends with almost no additional work.

The basis of our app:

  • Character: A character is a person, animal, or whatever else you want to play as in your Pen and Paper campaign. You can freely set and change your character's attributes, add a backstory, or much more. The only limitation is your imagination.
  • Gameroom: A Gameroom is the virtual room in which your campaign takes place. Here you can take and share notes, organize meets with your friends, or create a whole world after your imagination.

These two things are the foundation of our app. And, if combined, only you can decide where the journey of your world will end. We will provide the tools for pretty much everything that you could want assistance in a Pen and Paper game without removing the 'Pen' and 'Paper' parts.

The advantages a Game Master has:

  • Create a world after your own ideas or import already created fragments and share them with your players as they progress through your creation.
  • Manage the enemies you want your players to fight.
  • If you don't know how to name an enemy, use our integrated name generator.
  • See all stats, chosen spells and items of your players characters without worrying about outdated or false information.
  • Approve a new character into a Gameroom while you already have access to their character sheet.
  • Manage the initiatives of your players in a fight or, if you want, let the app automatically generate them for you.
  • Chat with all your players or choose only a few and create group chats.